Company profile

Dear business partners,

The company MITRENGA - buildings Ltd. was formed 1.1.2005 through transformation of Ing. Rostislav Mitrenga company, founded in spring 2001. The company is entirely under Czech management and ownership. Since its inception, the company has been specialized in the area of maintenance and reconstruction of buildings, especially:

  • statics structures protection and reinforcement
  • elimination of humidity and protection against water

The scope of specialization in civil engineering was extended alongside with the expansion and growth of the company. The additional services were the following:

  • cutting and drilling of building structures
  • building and repair of stone and concrete bridges
  • building and repair of the bridges using the thin-walled arched steel structures

The company recently has 15 permanent high skilled employees. In an active season, the number increases by 40 - 50 employees. During the company development and existence the employees mastered their expertise in executing specific job tasks, and the company acquired sufficient material and machinery equipment for the work.

The professional supervision is guaranteed by the owner of the company himself, he is an authorized engineer (ČKAIT No. 1004056) in the field of bridges and engineering constructions.

Ing. Rostislav Mitrenga , executive director